DARPA Awards Cray $250M Supercomputer Contract
Posted on: 11/27/2006 09:58 PM

Things are looking good for Cray (and AMD) these days. It seems that the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have pledged $250M to Cray for the development of a supercomputer using Cray's "Adaptive Supercomputing vision", and AMD's Opteron processor(s).
Cray's HPCS development program, code-named "Cascade," will produce a system with exceptional programmability, portability, and robustness -- capable of scaling to unprecedented levels of sustained performance on real applications.

Under the Cascade program, Cray will develop a new hybrid system architecture that combines multiple processor technologies, a new high-performance network, and an adaptive software layer into a single integrated system. Designed to efficiently scale to large numbers of processors, the system will maximize productivity and performance by automatically matching the most effective processor technology to each application.
It all sounds great, but $250M buys a LOT of Opterons, and with AMD's recent supply issues... Well, I guess the contract does extend through 2010...

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