DC Updates!
Posted on: 11/19/2004 02:05 AM

Folding@Home More awards for the Stanford Folding@Home project team. They won a Global Indus Technovator award and team member Guha Jayachandran won the top award at Stanford's Biomedical simulation symposium BCATS. Check it out here: http://folding.stanford.edu/awards.html The world's top folder, OC-Xeons, has returned his full folding production to 2cpu's folding team. Not uncoincidentally, Team 2cpu's number five spot is once again secure from the advances of the Ars Technica Team Egg Roll and The Tech Report Team. Welcome back, OC-Xeons! The Francophones still outfold us by over 22,000 points per day. Membership has been up recently, we encourage those of you who are inclined to such things to join the team! SETI@Home DeLarge has suddenly found himself as the team's number one producer, following the semi-retirement of modboy. The 1000-a-day cruncher passed his 100,000 unit milestone, and promptly signed over his 110 desktop P4s to the group founder's username, allowing him to step back from active duty without affecting 2CPU's total productivity. What teamwork! BOINC The group reached the momentous milestone of one million 'cobblestones' in SETI this week, the 32nd such team to do so. However, we're lying only 35th in recent output, so we'll need new recruits and greater effort to maintain our position among the >10k teams participating. Overall we stand 26th, combining the results of SETI, Predictor, LHC and CPDN. We're always recruiting, so have a look at these projects and see if you like what's out there. OGR-24 The OGR-24 (Optimal Golomb Ruler) project ended on November 1, 2004. As stated on the distributed.net site, "on 13-Oct-2004 the final stub was returned for the OGR-24 Project, conclusively determining the optimal 24 mark Golomb Rule after four years of crunching by distributed.net participants." 2CPU's OGR-24 team finished with a rank of 194 out of almost 5000 registered teams. Other distributed.net projects are still in progress such as OGR-25 and RC5-72, and 2CPU's teams are still hard at work with those.

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