DDR Motherboard Reviews: Enter the Samurai
Posted on: 09/21/2000 07:12 PM

Ace's Hardware has gotten some benchmarks on a DDR chipset motherboard from Micron. They even got a Duallie DDR chipset motherboard called the "Lincoln" (unfortunately they did not post any benchmarks on the duallie)
DDR SDRAM technology is ready to be launched and Micron is already offering DDR SDRAM DIMMs (both registered and unbuffered) through Crucial Technology at prices which are only slightly higher than PC133 SDRAM. There is no denying that Micron has been at the forefront of the DRAM industry, promoting the benefits of DDR SDRAM heavily.

As you can see this is not really a typical motherboard for your average desktop. This board features dual processor support, 64 bit PCI, and 4 DIMM slots.
Hmmm probably more typical of the motherboards found in the systems of our viewers? Anyway check out the article here.

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