DDR Supporting Chipsets in 2H00
Posted on: 04/20/2000 03:28 PM

Since it seems that Intel is in the habit of producing "broken" chipsets lately (Unless you are willing to hock your first-born to buy RAMBUS, price drop or not), more and more people are looking for alternatives. It appears that most, if not all, of those alternatives are looking to DDR SDRam for salvation. iXBT Labs has gone and put the smack down on the whole DDR vs RAMBUS debate. The article includes comparative benchmarks and future chipset info (and a bit of speculation too). Here are a few interesting clips:
As for DIMM DDR SDRAM memory modules, the situation is a bit different: nobody seems to really need them now, because they require special mainboards built on the chipsets supporting this memory type. We expected the first user chipset supporting this memory type from VIA in autumn 1999, and then in winter 2000, and then in spring… But now it looks as if there is not so much waiting left. In Q2 we should be able to see the first VIA chipset supporting DDR SDRAM - Apollo Pro266.

Besides the already familiar 133MHz FSB and AGP 4x mode, there will also appear DDR SDRAM support, as well as V-Link - a new accelerated bus transferring data between the North and the South bridge of the chipset and providing 266MB/sec bandwidth (which is twice as fast as of a standard PCI). Moreover, VIA Apollo Pro266 will also support dual CPU configuration, which has already become an official feature of Apollo Pro133A.

The second half of the year is also already planned for the launching of Athlon DDR chipset - KX266, which should be very similar to its Pentium III fellow - Apollo Pro266. But just in case AMD decided to make sure that everything would go tiptop by launching its own chipset with DDR support in Q3 - AMD 760. It is expected to support a new EV6 system bus frequency - 133MHz (266MHz), and of course, 133MHz PC2100 DDR SDRAM and ATA100. Soon after the launching of AMD 760, they are going to introduce their multiprocessor AMD 770 with similar features.
There is so much good information in that article that I'd really like to post it all. There's even a bit in there about a QUAD processor supporting chipset from VIA by the end of the year. It is a definite must read!

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