DDR Technology Guide!
Posted on: 09/16/2000 06:06 PM

GamePC is running an article explaining the technology behind DDR SDRAM. With all the talk about DDR chipsets in the near future, and SMP support for AMD processors in their as well, it could be useful for us to further understand how the technology actually works.
DDR DRAM operates very similarly to SDRAM. VERY SIMILARLY. Double Data Rate means just that. In the areas of a SDRAM operation where data is being transferred, the SDRAM can write or read data on both the "rising" and "falling" edges of the source clock. So now in a burst read cycle, 8 bursts of data are processed instead of just four. Also, 8 bursts of data can be written in a burst operation. This effectively doubles the PEAK data transfer, but DDR DRAM still has to deal with CAS and precharge latencies. Not making it quite a perfect double in performance, but very close.
I love reading about this stuff. You may want to take the time to gloss over this over here.

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