Dell Inspiron 700m @ HotHardware
Posted on: 08/14/2005 02:52 PM

The boys at HotHardware have posted a look at Dell's ultrportable 700m laptop.
For the majority of those in "back to school" mode, shopping for a notebook will be limited to ultraportables or traditional form factor notebooks (14.1" or 15.0" displays). Why, you ask? Well frankly, these days the core of the Centrino platform, the Pentium-M, is able to match most of the performance characteristics we would expect to find in a desktop. Ergo, we don't really need to look at desktop replacements for the "average" student or computer user. Besides which, something in the 8 pound department has, at minimum, a 15.4" display. That, honestly, isn't a friendly notebook profile to carry around anywhere except between offices or on a trip down the hall. In our opinion, you'd probably want to limit such a notebook to a maximum daily trip count of one or two.
When I bought my new Dell laptop, I opted to go the opposite route and got the battleship sized Inspiron 9300. The 17" LCD is nice to look at and easy on the eyes, but I often wonder if I shouldn't have opted for something smaller and lighter... Especially when I have to lug that 12 pound monster back and forth to the office.

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