Dell's duals (again)
Posted on: 02/15/2000 01:17 PM

My buddy Clark (from DualProTech) sent me a link to this CNet article that discusses Dell's recent foray into the dual processor "desktop". Here's a snip...
Until now, PC makers have generally reserved two processors for workstations, which typically are used for compute-intensive applications, such as CAD, desktop publishing, video editing and 3-D modeling. Workstations also generally come with heftier hardware, such as better graphics and system memory, than do PCs.

Dell is leading the movement among PC makers to two processor systems in part due to Windows 2000 Professional's need for more robust hardware to achieve the same performance as Windows NT. The PC maker also realizes Windows 2000 makes fuller use of two processors than does Windows NT, said Steve Yon, Dell's director of OptiPlex marketing. Other PC makers are expected to follow Dell's lead.

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