Devices Microsoft should fear?
Posted on: 01/09/2000 01:31 AM

Windows Magazine put up an article that talks of some new "internet appliances" that will run on Linux instead of an MS based OS. Why should Microsoft care? Well... It seems that Intel will be building them. With a giant like Intel endorsing Linux, will Microsoft take a hit? Personally, I don't think this will hurt Microsoft much, if at all. I have been wrong before though...
Even more critical is the appearance at CES of what promises to be a new wave of "information appliances"; consumer electronics that do stuff that to date have been the province of personal computers. Think WebTV, PDAs, wireless devices supporting the emerging Bluetooth standard, MP3 players, and the like.

That's what Intel is thinking. The silicon giant says it's developing a line of consumer-oriented "Web appliances." The first will "integrate Internet access with telephony features such as call management and unified messaging." Intel, you'll remember, is already into home networking, and there are media reports that these new Web gadgets will run Linux, instead of a Microsoft OS.

It well may be that the future of PCs will be a lot like their origin: hobbyist tweak toys. No wonder Gates is worried; in five years, he may wind up holding a monopoly over something no one uses.

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