Diamond FireGL2
Posted on: 12/20/2000 12:46 AM

I was bored today (nothing much going on on the 'net) when I stumbled across this gem over at Tom's Hardware. Looks like Nvidia's Quadro line of high-end graphics cards may be getting a run for their money. Here's a snip from Tom's Diamond FireGL2 review:
Recently it seems as if NVIDIA has become pretty much omnipresent and almost omnipotent in each of the different graphics sectors, from the low-end/ high-end desktop to the workstation and mobile arena. However, NVIDIA has not managed to change the basic rules of the professional OpenGL-graphics market yet. Here, NVIDIA's short product cycles are neither necessary nor particularly welcome, because workstations are company investments that aren't supposed to get upgraded every half-year. Nobody really cares about fancy pixel or texel fill rates or features like FSAA and DX8-support either. The price of a professional OpenGL-card is not of major importance, because in the CAD-field the actual engineer is what is really costly and so those companies are willing to pay big money for whatever makes the work for their engineers easier and quicker.

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