Dual 3.4GHz 'Nocona' Xeon Review @ Hexus
Posted on: 08/18/2004 01:57 PM

Rys, from Hexus.net has posted his look at Intel's 3.4ghz "Nocona" Xeons. Rys writes some pretty good stuff, and if you disagree with him, you can always come into the IRC channel and tell him yourself!
So Intel's new Xeon platform, with the new CPU, new core logic and new ISA support in EM64T, is the biggest at-once shakeup of their mainstream server and workstation platform since it was born. Intel have dragged it kicking and screaming to the same basic specification levels as the latest Pentium 4s. The remit of this article? To pit Nocona and Tumwater up against AMD's current finest in a workstation-oriented series of tests using a 32-bit operating system, to see if Intel have enhanced the Xeon platform's performance enough to stop Opteron's relentless march into the workstation space.
Jim currently has TWO different dual Nocona boxes running at his place, so hopefully we'll have our own look posted soon.

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