Dual 500/550E's
Posted on: 02/11/2000 01:00 AM

According to this thread in our forum, the PL-S370 will support dual PIII 500/550E's in a BP6. According to Sharky Extreme:
As far as Dual-Processor compatibility goes, there has been a bit of confusion whether or not the FC-PGA Pentium III does in fact support it. These Dual-Processor questions stem from information found on the Intel site stating the FC-PGA is not validated for Dual-Processor systems. After perusing the Intel Developer Forum, I found that it's not a technical limitation of the CPU, but simply means that Intel has not run full Dual-Processor validation tests on the FC-PGA processors. To help clear up this question, Intel has assured us that the FC-PGA Pentium III is fully supported under SMP or Dual-Processor implementations.
I choose to remain a skeptic ;-)

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