Dual AMD/Xeon Blurbage
Posted on: 05/04/2001 08:06 PM

The guys over at x-bit labs has some news blurbage concerning both Dual AMD and Dual Xeon/Fosters.
These will be only the server and the mobile processor versions. The desktop Palomino is to come a bit later. Simultaneously, AMD will launch their AMD-760MP chipset supporting dual-Palomino configurations.
By the way, we won’t be surprised to see the “last” Thunderbird with the working frequency of 1.4GHz announced at the same time...
Read more about it here.
The interesting thing about this announcement is that it is scheduled for the end of May while some other sources report that Xeon (Foster) CPUs will come out on 8 May, as we have actually mentioned already in our April news. Well, we’ll see quite soon who is right here.
In general, just try to imagine the cost of the dual-Xeon systems, taking into account these pretty pricy mainboards together with quite expensive RDRAM… Shocking!

Read the rest here.

Looks like if you go either way (I know some of you are like that ;-) if you are in the market for the latest and greatest Dual processor configurations you are going to be paying a premium.

[Ed- Damn I better collect more aluminum cans to recycle]

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