Dual Athlons (Better Late than Never)
Posted on: 01/31/2000 02:38 PM

We have seen a few news articles recently that have reported that dual Athlon systems won't be available for a while. Well, according to this report, AMD is working on it, and when we do get our duallie Athlons... They will rock! Here's the scoop...
Aimed respectively at one- and two-processor systems, the 760 and 770 chipsets will feature interfaces to PC2100 and PC1600 double-data-rate memory, four Universal Serial Bus connections, plus a “future storage interface,” which observers say most likely will be ATA-100.

AMD's chipset team will concentrate on multiprocessor systems, leaving the high-volume, single-processor PC market for chipset partners such as Via, which is using its joint venture with S3 Inc. to drive down the costs of the Athlon platform and increase sales. For now, however, Via has foregone the use of the faster, 266-MHz frontside bus and is concentrating instead on integrating graphics functions.
As a side note: My trip back from Chicago last night sucked! It's always nice when a simple six and a half hour drive gets stretched into almost ten hours due to weather :-/ Anyway, now that I'm back I will be hooking up with the crew to catch up and I'll be off and running (again). We will also be making a decision on the new forum soon, so be sure to let us know what you think.

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