Dual Athlons from CeBIT
Posted on: 02/27/2000 08:25 AM

Well here's some more Dual Athlon action from Cebit. The BIG man Micah sent me the article to post. It's in german so I just ripped the whole thing and translated it with BableFish.
Dual Athlon Chipsatz still in this year

AMD presented today the current Athlon timetable for the year 2000: Therefore there is to be a follow-up version of the Irongate Chipsets AMD750 (Northbridge 751) in the second yearly half named Irongate-4 (Northbridge 770), also the dual processor systems enabled.

For larger computer rechnerboliden one develops a chip record, which enables systems with at least four processors in co-operation with alpha Processors (API) and HotRail.

Everything multi-processor-chip-corrodes can with double DATA rate memory modules (GDR SDRAM) deal. These memory latch plates permit a max. theoretical datentransfer of 1,6 GByte/s (PC200 or also called by AMD PC1600) or 2.1 GByte/s (PC266 alias PC2100).

The Athlon is to receive a faster front Side bus, which runs then with 133 mc/s clock frequency to 33 percent in this year. With still the GDR technique already used with the Athlon FSB is then the transfer of 266 million data items per second possible. (AMD: Hall 13, status D08) (ciw/ c't)

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