Dual Booting with Win2k
Posted on: 04/16/2000 01:33 PM

The boys over at Tweak3D have slapped-up another interesting "guide". This time they focus on Windows2000 and the dual boot. I know there are quite a few of you guys (and gals) who are still clinging to your 9x for games and such. Go here to find out the right way to do it :-)
In this article, I will be explaining the process of dual booting Windows 9x/Millennium and Windows 2000. These are the two pre-eminent operating systems of the day, and both (obviously) are from Microsoft. Windows 98 (and very soon Millennium) is the current consumer OS being produced by Microsoft, and Windows 2000 is its business oriented OS (and the successor of Windows NT 4.0 – as a matter of fact, Win2k was originally called NT5).

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