Dual Coppermine Xeon Review
Posted on: 04/20/2000 03:45 PM

The boys over at Hardware Central have emptied their wallets to get a look at a dual Coppermine Xeon system. They've actually thrown together a pretty swanky box, complete with Ultra160 SCSI, a pair of PIII 666 Xeons and 256mb of RIMMs... Drooling yet? Here's the skinny:
The new .18 micron Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, codename Cascades, is the latest member of the Intel P6 Xeon family. It started off with the Intel Pentium Pro a few years ago and this CPU has been the foundation of a whole new family of Intel CPUs. Initially targeted at the server market, the Pentium Pro came in a wide variety of clockspeeds and L2-cache configurations. Its successor, the Intel Pentium II Xeon, was the logical follow-up, adding MMX technology and an external L2 cache running at full clockspeed to the P6 core.

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