Dual G4 Mac deal?
Posted on: 11/22/2000 04:01 PM

A reader sent me a link on how to save some money if your are planning on doing the dual G4 Mac thing. Here's what he sent:
Go to the apple website and select the "Best" Dual G4 Computer for $3499.
Reduce - RAM from 256 to 64MB (-$450) ; HD from 40GB to 20GB (-$250); DVD-RAM - DVD-ROM (-$300); remove 56K Modem (-$50). That brings the price down to $2449

Then use the new apple rebate for $500 off the Dual G4 500Mhz computer (fine print mentions that it can be used with configure-to-order computers...) to bring the price down to $1949
Here's the rebate form

I'm not a Mac user but I have a friend who does video editing on G4s. Is this a good deal or not ?

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