Dual S370 Motherboard with DDR Support!
Posted on: 12/01/2000 03:23 AM

Xbit Labs was the first to hit my inbox with this one, so I'll give them the props. It seems that Iwill has a new board that will be hitting the market in late December. What makes this one special though, is that it will be sporting DDR baby! I'll let Xbit take it away...
Well, Iwill was the first to launch a mainboard supporting DDR SDRAM: KA266-R based on ALi MAGiK 1 chipset (for Socket A CPUs). Now the company has every chance to become the first to announce a dual-processor mainboard supporting DDR memory as well. In the end of December Iwill is planning to launch its DVD266-R mainboard, which will be not only a DDR solution but will also be designed for dual-processor configurations.

Due to the support of high-performance DDR SDRAM, this board will be aimed at workstation and server market in the first place. However, since it is based on VIA Apollo Pro266 chipset and doesn’t have any integrated SCSI controllers, it won’t be very expensive, which is also Iwill’s trump against the competitors.

Go here to see the specs and the picture of the upcoming DVD266-R.
Oh man! They're making it hard to hold out for dual TBirds!

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