Dualcores Double performance
Posted on: 10/03/2005 07:52 PM

On the Matrox Axio website the following statement can be found.

The relevant paragraph:

"Realtime performance increases significantly with Dual-Core systems. For example, the number of video and graphics layers that can be processed in real time at full online 1080i quality doubles when using Dual-Core AMD Opteron Model 275 compared to Single-Core AMD Opteron Model 250."

Editing Platforms around the world are discovering a huge jump in performance when using the Dual Core Opterons.The extra performance is needed to handle the larger files of HD.

Another interesting situation I gathered off the Canopus Edius forum is that some are using the the Athlon Dualcore X2 single chip in a G5 Shuttle, and are still able to record from HDV into the Edius HQ codec on the fly. The strange part is the ones running these in Win 64 bit OS, even tho Edius is 32 bit application,are getting better performance and success than those using Win XP32 OS.

Finally the CPUs have reached a point where many Editors think twice before investing in Hardware support for there Applications.- The CPUs are now doing most of the grunt!

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