Duck... incoming RANT!
Posted on: 12/16/2000 12:24 AM

Oh... I'm not happy. Today was supposed to be a great day, my Tyan Thunder LE and my 800EBs were in town. HOWEVER life, as per usual, decided to kick me in the pills. UPS charged me $300 CDN in brokerage fees! 300. Did I mention they charged me $300 CDN? I obviously declined the package and it's now headed back to the grand ole US of A. The board which motivated me to purchase FC-PGA processors in the first place... gone.

Obviously that's it right? The day couldn't have been worse right? Wrong. I run to the bank to pillage the bank machine of adequate fundage to pick up my processors (COD). "Daily Transaction Limit Error". Huh? Apparently they've changed the status of certain "classes" of accounts which now limit the amount of money I can withdrawl in a day. Oh my. Well, you can imagine how happy I am at this point... After "talking" (some would consider it yelling) with the people at the bank, they assured me that this could be resolved providing I meet certain criteria (which I do), but the changes couldn't be activated until the following week.

Why do I even bother... *sigh*

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