E3 Booth Babes
Posted on: 05/20/2000 06:30 PM

I don't know about you guys, but I've gotten sick of all the "E3 coverage" going on. However, I was poking around over at Agnhardware and I noticed this important link. The guys (I'm assuming they are guys, but if they are girls, that's even cooler) over at GA-Hardware have posted some shots of what they felt were the best looking Booth Babes.
Welp, I couldn't quite miss a chance to get my mug in a picture, so I rubbed up on the chick at the Gothic Booth. She was wearing a studded leather thong that must have been giving her a painful wedgie, but it sure looked good.
Heh, way to go guys! That's what I call great reporting. You will check it out here.

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