ECS D6VAA Announced!
Posted on: 10/17/2000 04:22 AM

Holy Dual motherboards batman! They're everywhere! We're surrounded! The world is beginning to realize that SMP 0wnz3rz. Insane Hardware has the skinny on a new duallie by a manufacturer you may not have heard of before. Elitegroup Company Systems have announced the specs for their upcoming duallie.

- Dual S370 supports Celeron PPGA/FC-PGA at 66MHz FSB (single processor only), Pentium III FC-PGA series processors at 100/133MHz FSB (Single or Dual Processor) & Cyrix III processors at 100/133MHz FSB ( single processor only).
- VIA VT82C694X & VT82C686B Chipset
- HPT370 PCI IDE Array Controller with UDMA 100 support on board
- 5 PCI slots, 1 AGP slot, 1 CNR slot (Modem only)

Check out ECS' website.

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