Einux And MSI Ship Ultra-Dense 1U Server...
Posted on: 08/15/2002 11:07 AM

*Yawn*. This morning I noticed this over at the [H]ardOCP. Yahoo Financial is reporting that Einux and MSI are joining forces to create an "ultra-dense" 1U server based on Athlon MP processors and MSI K7D Master-L motherboards.
At a depth of only 15", the A120 can be stacked back-to-back so up to 4 processors, with over thirteen Gigaflops (billion instructions per second) of computing power, can fit in a 1U space per server, making the A120 the densest and fastest AMD dual processor 1U rackmount server available today. The A120's high density and performance make it ideal for high performance computing applications. Starting at a price of just $1,495, the A120 1U is also one of the most cost-effective yet high performance1U rackmount servers available today combining high-speed performance with AMD reliability and scalability.
How would you like a rack full of these suckers? Take a peek.

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