Enermax 550W & 330W Power Supply Review!
Posted on: 10/23/2000 07:54 PM

One of the often overlooked core components of a really sweet workstation, is in fact the Power Supply. The guys over at Multi-Hardware.com decided to put a couple Enermax Power Supplies through some testing. I've got the Enermax 330W Dual-Fan, and it simply rocks. I swear by them.

Now the review is in French, so you can either click here and just check out the pretty pictures (these power supplies certainly are pretty) or you could wander over to Babelfish and translate it babay!

UPDATE!: Zach gave me the heads up on another Enermax PS review that fits right in the middle of the previous two. 550W too much? 330W not enough? Well why not check out the 431W PS from Enermax.

UPDATE #2!: You guys certainly do love your power supplies, don't you? Phil dropped this one my way. Enermax is up to some good schtuff, and what would you say to a 650W PS? Check it out.

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