European Win2k
Posted on: 02/09/2000 11:36 PM

I just picked this one up over at Stomped. It seems that the European Commission fired of a series of questions to Microsoft that have to be answered in four weeks. If MS doesn't tell the EC what they want to hear, there could be some fines in order for the software giant. You can read the whole deal right here, but here's a clip...
THE EUROPEAN Commission announced on Wednesday that it has launched a preliminary inquiry into allegations that Microsoft has introduced elements into Windows 2000 designed to help it expand its dominance from desktop PC operating systems to other areas, notably servers.

"We have received information from end-users, Internet service providers, and competitors that Microsoft has designed Windows 2000 so that it can leverage its position on operating systems to other markets such as servers and ultimately electronic commerce," Competition Commissioner Mario Monti said during a press conference on antitrust policy.
Ummm... DUH!

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