eVGA MX Twin-View Debacle
Posted on: 09/14/2000 11:59 PM

I noticed this over on the front page at the [H]ard|OCP this afternoon, and since it affects me, I thought it might apply to some of you as well. If you remember about a week ago, I posted a link to a GeForce2 MX Twin-View pre-order deal over at eVGA. Well, it seems that in their rush to get the cards out the door, they made a mistake. Here's the scoop:
"Dear eVGA.com TwinView Plus Pre-Order Customers,

First of all we need to apologize to you, the TwinView cards that you were sent are equipped with 7ns memory, not the 6ns memory that we promised. For this we are extremely sorry. We do not expect our customers to b satisfied with cards that are not up the specifications that we promised on our website, and we will be doing everything we can to correct this. Because of the extreme rush to get the products shipped, we overlooked testing the memory speeds and this resulted in cards with 7ns being sent to our customers.

We propose the following remedies to this, and we invite each of our Pre-Order customers to select the one that pleases them best:

A. A full credit return. We will credit back to the customer's credit card the full price (including shipping and taxes, if any) that was charged to the customer, as well as paying for return shipping.

B. We will replace the card with one equipped with 6ns memory. This will be handed through a cross-shipping and all shipping costs will be covered by eVGA.com. We will make a schedule for this exchange available by tomorrow.

C. For those customers that are satisfied with the card as is, we will offer a $20 credit which will be applied against the credit card that they placed their Pre-Order with. This credit is offered as our way of saying sorry, and is not related to the price difference between the 6ns and 7ns memory.

This happened because of a manufacturing error in our overseas production facilities, and was compounded by the extreme rush to ship these cards out to our Pre-Order customers. We are terribly sorry for this, and wish to make it clear that it was not our intention to trick or cheat our customers. We wish to do everything that we can in order to make sure that our customers understand that this was nothing more than a mistake that we are making every effort to correct.

Please email our Customer Service department, at customerservice@evga.com with your choice from the three options listed above.

Thank you,
Keith Rochford, Chief Engineer, eVGA.com..."

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