Forum Feedback, Please.
Posted on: 01/29/2000 02:41 AM

For whatever reason, our current forum just isn't taking off. Some people have told us that quite frankly, our forum just sucks. Never let it be said that can't take some constructive criticism.

Our goal is to create a real community here, with lots of posts on the board, maybe some LAN/Internet gaming, and perhaps some people meeting in real time. (If anyone in the Seattle area wants to get together, let me know. I'm pretty good at Unreal Tourney...)

Many people have requested an Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB) setup. We have setup a trial (freeware) UBB board right here for you to check out.

Is UBB what you want? If not, what do you want? Should registering be required to post? Be detailed, folks. I'll report back on Monday with what popular response is, and when it will be implemented. And don't worry, I'm working like a madman on my Win2k article, despite the failure of my Abit board, and despite Abit's lack of concern. (Anyone else have problems getting reponses from Abit on anything?)

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