Foster and Clawhammer Info (Oh my!)
Posted on: 04/28/2001 12:24 AM

I found a few interesting links while surfing through one of my personal favorite sites, the Tech Report. First on the docket is this preview of Intel's upcoming Foster (or P4 Xeon) over at They even dish out some cool processor history:
Intel decided to wait a while with the desktop launch of the P6, and created a server version of it, the Pentium Pro. The new server processor was released in autumn 1995. Things changed a bit when Intel finally released the Pentium II, two years later. While the packaging was different and the cache size smaller, the new desktop chip used exactly the same techniques as the Pentium Pro did. Intel decided to create a clearer distinction between the two processors, and named the Slot 2 versions of the Pentium Pro ‘Xeon’. Still, it has always been common to use the name of the desktop chip which it resembles most too. At this moment, we’re talking about the Pentium III Xeon processors, and they’re available in speeds up to 1GHz.
Next up, AMD's latest and greatest (at least until the Sledgehammer)... the Clawhammer ala ZDNet.
To that end, AMD will use a new 0.13-micron manufacturing process to build the new generation of chips. AMD will also include SOI, a performance-enhancing manufacturing technique licensed from IBM. SOI adds a layer of oxide material between the transistor and silicon it rests on inside a chip. The oxide insulates the transistor from the silicon, reducing the amount of energy lost. The transistor, therefore, can run faster and at the same time consume less power.
Yes yes... We are living in interesting times.

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