Freeway FWD-P3C4XD Reviewage...
Posted on: 11/28/2000 01:36 PM

Dang, Brother Kyle beat me to it again. You duallie fr34ks really need to be sending me all these obscure links to dual board reviews. Anyways, Ninja Lane (and no, I'm not making that domain name up) somehow got their hands on Freeway's FC-PGA/VIA 133A duallie. You all probably remember the sexy red PCB.
There are 6 fan headers on this board, 2 for the processors, and 4 others for case fans. Each of these fan headers can be monitored via the BIOS or a program like Motherboard Monitor. Along with the fan headers there are also 4 temperature sensors. Each processor has one, there is a sensor for ambient case temperature and provisions for another 10k Ohm thermistor (to be added later) that can be placed to monitor just about anything.
They were able to hit 960 MHz with their 2x800EB's. That's not too shabby. Check it out.

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