GamePC reviews the Thunder i840 (S2520)
Posted on: 11/07/2000 03:43 PM

I saw over at the Tech-Report that GamePC reviewed the dual-PGA, RAMBUS-equipped monster called the Thunder i840:
This board has everything you could possibly want in a motherboard. Let's have a quick rundown. Dual FC-PGA, Dual Channel RDRAM, Onboard Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI, Dual 10/100 Ethernet Ports, Onboard ATI Video (can be disabled), AGP 4X Pro, 64-bit PCI, 32-bit PCI, ATA/100 IDE, Redundant ATX Connectors, and to round it out, a total of eleven fan-plug connectors. Let me catch my breath, than let's look at these features in depth.
If you've got the cash for RAMBUS RIMMs, then this is probably a contender!

You'll find the rest of the article over here

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