GamePC Tiger 133 Review followup...
Posted on: 06/06/2000 08:14 PM

Earlier today we ran a letter from a Tyan representative. He stated his opinions on the GamePC review, stating that they probably didn't use the same stepping CPU's in his review. Well, this really didn't settle well with me, so I decided to drop the boys over at GamePC a note to see if I could get some more info. A nice gentleman by the name of Chris Connolly, Head of Internet Operations, got back to me quickly.
First off, let me say we've been in constant communication with Tyan to try and find the problem. Currently they're sending me a new BIOS and possibly a new board for testing, perhaps we got a bad batch of boards, then again, maybe not.

As for the core stepping, I should have mentioned this in the review. We used two cB0 600EB FC-PGA processors in Abit Slocket III's, which work perfectly fine in dual processor I820 and I840 motherboards. Tyan later let me know that FC-PGA processors in slockets haven't been validated (or even tested) by Tyan in any way, so, I re-ran some tests yesterday with dual 733 Slot1 processors.

After 20 mins or less in each stress test, crash. If we get some new results with the new BIOS, we'll post a followup article, but until than, we can't recommend it in the least.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to respond to this.
I wanna keep everyone as informed as possible with regards to the Tiger 133 :-)

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