GeForce2 GT Press Release
Posted on: 04/26/2000 10:51 PM

Here is the press release from nVidia on the release of the Geforce2 GTS. Not that most of you don't already know what to expect/hope from this new chip.
The GeForce2 GTS achieves an astounding four pixels per clock (dual-textured) or eight texels per clock and delivers 1.6-billion texels (or 1.6 GigaTexels) per second -- more than twice the performance of the award-winning GeForce 256™ and more than three times the texture processing power of any competitive consumer graphics product. GeForce2 GTS drives the most extreme resolutions and color depths of up to 2048 x 1536 x 32 at 75 Hz.
Don't you just love how quick your video card becomes obsolete :-)

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