Geforce2 GTS Shootout!
Posted on: 06/09/2000 11:17 PM

Sooo, which Geforce2 GTS is worthy of your hard-earned flow? Well that's what the girls over at GamePC have set out to show us. They've decided to pit the bigguns against each other. Who will win out? Asus? Elsa? Hercules/Guillemot? or an Nvidia Reference Geforce2 GTS 32 MB?
Basically it comes down to this. If you're looking for the best overall Geforce2 card, stick with the Guillemot Prophet II. If your wallet's a little tigher, the Asus is the obvious choice due to it's lower price and killer bundle. Both cards will perform the same, you won't see a visual difference between different brands of Geforce2 cards.
Right on... Check it out here.

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