Geforce 2 GTS vs. Voodoo 5
Posted on: 05/11/2000 11:49 AM

Crazy Kyle over at Hardocp decided to pit these two great cards (and essentially card makers) against one another in the benchmark that matters, Quake3. He shows us the scores at low and high resolutions and 16 bit vs. 32 bit color.
I think we can venture to say that there was virtually no performance difference in the cards at medium to high resolutions with 32 bit color. One thing that is clear is that Voodoo cards have lost the "Voodoo look". If you have ever owned a Voodoo card you will know what I'm talking about here. 3dfx has certainly stepped up the image quality with this card. It is on the level with nVidia for sure.
Interesting, but Kyle.... does the Voodoo 5 run r_smp 1 on a duallie? That's what I wanna know :-). Check the numbers out for yourself over here.

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