Geforce 2D driver for BeOS this Weekend!
Posted on: 09/28/2000 02:53 PM

All you BeOS lovers with nVidia graphics cards are going to be dancing a jig now (If a jig isn't your thing, feel free to do some tap)! Benews is reporting that we'll have a 2D Geforce driver by this weekend!
Coming this weekend will be the first version of the most sought after driver in the history of BeOS (if the e-mails BeBits gets is any indicator)! The driver code has been integrated into Be's source control system and is undergoing a few last minute tweaks. The cards known to work are: Geforce 256, Geforce DDR, Geforce Quadro, Geforce2 GTS, and all known TNT, TNT2, and Riva128's.

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