GeForce Owners/Be Users Unite!
Posted on: 04/12/2000 01:40 PM

I read something on BeNews this morning that put a bad taste in my mouth. It seems that BeOS drivers for the GeForce are almost complete, but Nvidia is refusing to release the information needed to finish the drivers. All of you GeForce/Be users (me included) need to fire up your email client and put the smack down on Nvidia. You can get the full scoop right here, but here it is in a nutshell:
The BeForce Team is very near on releasing a 2D BeOS driver for the GeForce based cards. All what they are missing is specifics of the memory model and registers to set the display mode. The team put a lot of effort on continously contacting nVidia and other related companies, but nVidia declined any help. Sources want Be, Inc. to develop a GeForce driver indepentently from the BeForce Team, but they are stuck too, as nVidia hasn't released any docs not even to Be. If you are a Linux programmer with deep XFree86 programming experience, you may be able to help. Read on for the BeForce Team open letter to the BeOS community.

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