Gentus Linux
Posted on: 02/21/2000 01:02 PM

It seems that more and more hardware manufacturers are jumping on the Linux bandwagon. This time, one of the major players in the motherboard market has decided to release their own distro. The new flavor of Linux, "Gentus", is Abit's first foray into the Linux world. Yes, you heard me right... Abit has announced their very own Linux ditribution! Thanks to t-break for the linkage.
ABIT, famous for quality products that deliver powerful performance for a fantastic value, is now releasing their own Linux package, Gentus™ a distribution customized for ABIT’s Hardware, “Free From ABIT and Free From Worry!” exclaims ABIT’s PR manager Jeremy Smith. The ABIT Gentus™ package features the latest stable kernel with full native support for multi-processing, and drivers and patches all together. “With Gentus™ we have really gone out of our way to make it easy to set up and install. Specifically we have added direct support for UDMA/ATA/66 drivers so that you can install directly to an ATA/66 drive, with a fixed driver and driver optimizations for UDMA66” explains ABIT’s Smith. “Previously, users had to first install in the ATA/33 mode then later switch over to the ATA/66 channel. With our software enhancements to the Linux kernel that has all been obviated and the process is much more smooth.”

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