Gentus Linux 2.0
Posted on: 05/05/2000 02:21 AM

Abit shocked the world (or at least me) when they decided to jump into the Linux game. Their goal was to resolve hardware and Linux compatibility issues. They were big on ATA/66 support (with their own boards) with their initial release of Gentus and they want to continue supporting the latest innovations in hardware. This is what they propose for Gentus 2.0
- ATA/66 for VIA chipsets
- Permon 2 (graphical tool to track temps, fan speeds, etc)
- Up-to-date drivers (support for the latest sound and video cards)
Sounds interesting, maybe I'll give it a hook when/if it gets released. Although I'm not really feeling a warm spot for Abit right due to some flakey motherboard issues, but I digress. Check the rest of the press release over @ Hardware One

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