Gentus Online!
Posted on: 02/22/2000 06:40 PM

The word on the street yesterday was that motherboard manufacturer Abit was planning on releasing their own Linux distro... Gentus. Well, the site is now online and you can see it in all of it's glory right here. If you're feeling frisky, they also have a Beta available for download. Grab it right here!
ABIT is proud to announce our Linux distribution, Gentus™. Gentus™ is a full featured and full powered Linux operating system. We have set up this website as a sort of community and club for those who are running Gentus on their ABIT systems and want a place to find information from ABIT and others. We hope that we can make this website as useful as possible. We are trying to make it full of helpful links and information. We also encourage our visitors to offer suggestions as far as the structure of the site and what it offers. We want to have an "open community" for the site and we will have a discussion board and our own monitor to whom you can offer suggestions for content and such. Please keep in mind that we will have a Tech Help section and that we want to encourage people to use the information available there and the rest of the site for specific tech issues before writing ABIT Computer directly.

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