Get the most from your TV-Card
Posted on: 07/22/2000 09:12 PM

Alan at has a truly fascinating article on how to get more channels from your TV card:
Overclocking your CPU gives you extra processing cycles which in turn speeds up general operations on your PC. Overclocking your Graphics card gives you more frames-per-second (fps) with which to see and shoot your mates at a LAN party. Overclocking your Tv-card gives you access to thousands more channels, dulby digital surround sound, HDTV and lots of heat.

As with CPU and graphics cards, the heat is the problem. If we can dissipate the heat we can push our tv-cards that little bit further.

I'm going to show you the results of my experiments using conventional cooling methods. What I'm not going to show you are some of the more extreme overclocking methods that I've tried. Frankly it'll scare you and I could be arrested.
Sounds like intense stuff!

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