GUI taking over?
Posted on: 03/24/2000 05:15 PM

Man, Osopinion just keeps rolling out the good schtuff! They posted a great article on how the Open Source community is going bonkers for GUI.
Has Open Source gone too far with the newest implementations of KDE and other look-alike GUIs? I think so. When I first got my hands on RedHat Linux 6.x in September, I was shocked to see the Microsoft-esque task bar sitting on the bottom of the screen, complete with the little RedHat guy next to an italicized Start button. It looked so much like the real thing, I had to try to get a DOS window to make sure i was still in Linux. Uncanny.
This article brings up a lot of interesting points. Why is the Linux community all of a sudden in love with the GUI? The majority of the installations are even GUI now. To be honest I hate GUI installs. They are generally slow and cumbersome, especially for a keyboarder. Maybe we all need to get back to our roots and have a "Console-only week" or something... BitchX, pine, lynx.... ahh the good ole days.

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