Guillemot Geforce2 GTS Upgrade Guide, Part 2
Posted on: 06/12/2000 11:57 AM

The guys over at Trainwrecker have an indepth look at Guillemot's Geforce2 GTS card. They have decided to compare this beast of a graphics card against a Geforce DDR and a TNT2 ultra, in an attempt to answer the on going question in the minds of hardware addicts, "Should I upgrade?"
If you have a slow CPU and a TNT2 Ultra, both of the newer boards will help. We just don't think the additional expense associated with the Geforce2 is justified given the minor increases in performance we saw in our pII 400 tests. As for Geforce DDR owners with a slow CPU, you might want to consider eliminating the CPU bottleneck first.
In depth look with lots of numbers, they even talked about SMP and ran some benches on a Dual PIII 500 box. Check it out over here.

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