Halflife 2 Performance
Posted on: 11/17/2004 03:26 PM

We also wouldn't want to ignore the gamers and apparently this small game by the name of Halflife 2 (or something) became available recently. Driver Heaven has already thrown together an article discussing performance.
Over the last week I have been playing with Half life 2 and a mixture of ATI and Nvidia hardware with the newest released ATI 4.12 beta drivers and Nvidia's newest 66.93 drivers. Normally I wouldnt test with beta drivers but ATI have released these drivers to the public offically. While this article isnt massively indepth its main purpose is to basically show a user in the market for a new card how this game will perform across a wide spectrum of hardware across both AGP and PCIe platforms.
From their results, it appears as if ATI is dominating thus far. If you're interested, you could take a look at their graphs, even though they decided to use spaces in a web-viewable directory.

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