Happy Anniversary!
Posted on: 09/15/2000 05:32 PM

That's right... Exactly one year ago today, 2CPU.com opened it's doors to the internet. The whole thing started with two guys who went looking for information on dual processing and came up empty handed. Now look what we've become :-)

If you read back through the really old archives, you'll see how excited we were about getting 1000 hits on our first day. Thanks to all of you, we are way beyond that now. In fact, we broke 550,000 (Yes, over half a million) last month alone! I'd just like to send out a big "Thank you!" to all the webmasters who have linked to us in the past year, and especially to all of you... Our readers.

The content here on the site isn't quite where I would like it to be, but I realized once I started that this was new, strange territory. It has taken a while for the manufacturers to warm up to us, but it is (finally) happening, and we have some big things in the works. With your support (and the hard work of our growing team), the next year will be even bigger and better!

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