Hard drive caddies...
Posted on: 06/17/2000 04:15 AM

The guys over at Trainwrecker decided to take a look at some hard drive caddies. Hard drives are so cheap now, its pretty easy to find yourself with a couple laying around. A caddie can make life a little easier. They decided to look into the performance side of things. Does using a cheap, generic caddie decrease disk performance?
From the look of the benches, there is a price to pay for the convenience of swapping drives. on the 15.3 GB Ultra DMA/66 Drive we see a 4% hit in performance in the Sandra 2000 test and a nothing to write home on from the HDtach read speed.
Interesting... I can honestly say I've never even given that a seconds thought before now... Not hard to tell it's the weekend is it :-)

Read it here if you wanna.

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