Hey... Wait a minute!
Posted on: 08/13/2000 10:02 PM

I have been a loyal [H]ard|OCP reader for a long time. I also consider The FrgMstr a personal friend. That being said, he has been ranting lately about some poll asking what the best hardware site is on the net. Hell... I even went over there an voted for him! Well today I clicked on the link just to see how my buddy Kyle was doing, and what do I see? 2CPU.com is on there! That's right... Someone suggested our site for the list and (if you scroll down) we are on there. SO! Get over there and vote! Afterwards... Vote again! After all, two is better than one ;-)

I know that the duallie crowd isn't as big as the clan Technica, or the [H]ardViewers, but lets show 'em what we've got babay!

UPDATE: To make it easier for you guys, you can vote for us just by clicking this link (over and over and over :-).

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