Hidden UI in Windows Whistler preview code
Posted on: 07/21/2000 07:23 AM

Hey looks like there maybe the starting of a new UI for Whistler. Interesting stuff looks like there could be a "Start Page" and a "Start Panel". Looks pretty tho I'm still trying to uncover the "Start Superior OS" button :-) Well if this sounds interesting you can read more about it at Paul Thurrott's WinInfo where he explains how to uncover this hidden feature here. You and also catch a article from The Register right here and from BetaNews over here.
Like many of the new user interface enhancements in Whistler, the Start Panel and Start Page use Dynamic HTML (DHTML) instead of the standard Win32-based UI elements found in earlier versions of Windows. Whistler will include other DHTML applications as well, such as a simplified, DHTML-based Control Panel and, in the Server edition, an Administrative Tools Home Page.

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