High-end Buyer's Guide at Anand's
Posted on: 12/26/2000 05:46 AM

The staff over at Anand's have posted the latest installment of their High-end Buyer's Guide. While there are a few glaring problems with the hardware they picked, they did choose a dual machine (of course :-) so I figured I should post it up.

I don't agree with the choice of an Intel i840 board + RAMBUS, or the use of Seagate X15 Cheetahs with a DPT RAID card (known compatability problems), but hey... If money was no object maybe I would change my mind. Here's the obligatory clip:
With the third edition of the AnandTech Buyer's Guide, we changed things a little bit, splitting the Buyer's Guide into two parts, one for value systems and the other for high-end ones. Despite the slight format change, we continue to provide some system recommendations in 3 categories – small office / home office (SOHO), gaming, and professional. Remember that these are just a few recommendations from us if we were building the systems. Obviously, each individual’s needs will vary greatly, but that’s the beauty of building a custom system - it can be tailored to fit those special needs.
This comment kind of struck me as being funny...
The first name that pops to mind for SCSI adapters is, of course, Adaptec. While Adaptec didn't have an Ultra160 RAID solution at the time of publication, one of the companies they own, DPT, does offer one.
Ummm... Hey guys! Did you happen to look over here?!?

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