Holiday Hardware Bonanza!
Posted on: 12/29/2000 09:54 PM

I know many of you will be able to relate to this tale. You fly home (approximately 2500 km) for the holidays. You're the only PC geek in the entire family. A result? PCs start coming out of the wood work needing repairs or upgrades. This isn't generally a bad thing... until you start running into problems. "Problems" being my middle name, of course I found myself knee-deep in them. Heh.

Hardware failure is a terrible thing, especially when the resources available to you are very limited. I had one bag of high-end stuffs for my fathers machine. The rest was middle of the road hardware, nothing special, but nothing < 350 MHz. Of course my fathers new swag refused to work, and having no equivalent high-end swag available to me, troubleshooting the problem proved to be quite... taxing.

However, the guys at TNE Computers in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia helped me out. It's a beautiful thing when you can find a computer store actually run by a young PC geek. They tore apart demo machines, we swapped hardware in and out until we isolated the problem. The process easily was over an hour. Did they charge me for their trouble? Nope, just for the replacement component I ended up needing :-)

I just thought this was a decent, happy tale that you all would enjoy. I'd like to extend my thanks to Shawn and the rest of the staff at TNE Computers. Thanks guys, saved me a world of pain.

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