Honesty: The best policy?
Posted on: 02/09/2002 05:00 PM

If you remember, the other day I made a news post about Epox waiting for a “fixed” southbridge from AMD before releasing their 760MPX based motherboard. The original post went like this:
We all know that Epox was planning a dual AMD MPX motherboard, and we all know that the current crop of MPX motherboards have some southbridge issues (USB anyone?). Well it looks like Epox is planning to hold off on their board until the issues (and the southbridge) are fixed. Here is a quote from their site regarding their M762A motherboard:
Will be arriving around end of February due to the redesign of the South Bridge.
That sucks that it has been delayed, but it's nice to see a company take the initiative and wait until their board actually works before releasing it.
It seems that my comments on that particular issue have ruffled the feathers of a few different manufacturers. A representative of one company joined our IRC channel last night and expressed some concern about my comments, and another representative (from another company) had a nice email exchange with me last night where they basically threatened me. “Take down or change your comments or we won’t work with you ever!” was the gist of the exchange (not that they have ever sent us anything anyway). But I digress…

Through the course of these exchanges, I rethought my original comment and decided that it was indeed a bit misleading. Maybe I give you (our readers) too much credit and assumed that by “broken southbridge” you understood that I was talking about the USB issues on the current crop of 760MPX boards. So, I changed my original comment to read like this:
That sucks that it has been delayed, but it's nice to see a company take the initiative and wait until everything on their board actually works as expected before releasing it.
What burns me up is that I have been more than fair with all of the MPX boards, from every company. The two that contacted us were not even mentioned in the news post, only “implied” (according to them). Pardon me for calling a spade a spade, but the USB on the southbridge of all currently shipping MPX boards IS BROKEN. This is fact. Putting a PCI USB adapter (1.1 or 2.0) in the box does not constitute working USB and it sacrifices one usable PCI slot. To quote myself (again):
The USB issue is the only thing I could find to count against this board. I know it is not a Tyan thing, or an Asus (MSI, Epox, Gigabyte) thing. It is a problem with the chipset.

Our view here at 2CPU.com is and always has been that we are only accountable to ourselves and our readers. We will never bow to a manufacturer’s requests unless they are rational and/or warranted (like testing a preproduction motherboard or something of that sort). I did find fault with my original comment, and I changed it.

We have been flamed by manufacturers before regarding our take on their products, and we have been flamed by readers saying we are brand biased. The truth is that some manufacturers are willing to take the good with the bad and move on, but they realize the worth of a site like this in getting their word out. Sometimes that word is a bad word, it happens. But when I am called “unethical” because I state the obvious, I get seriously offended.

We (the staff) have been discussing this at length, from all possible angles. It actually caused me to lose sleep last night (seriously). We would like to know what you think about all of this, because in the end, we are only here for you, and you guys are the ones supporting this site and keeping us going in tough financial times.

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